Ideal REST API design

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Introduction / short history


In mobile (tablet is included) era REST eclipsed SOAP in terms of web services. And, if we see and analyse in details both architectures (respectively architecture styles), and get environment constraints get just data what I request instead of “two hundred pages manual what I will get” is great, practical and useful. Imagine a mobile user using mobile data to get ten most popular books and consuming a SOAP service, just getting WSDL will push that month’s data invoice to limits. But coming from SOAP, with a commodity and many things defined for years, REST APIs have open a lot of debates in almost all aspects REST tends to resolve, make solution. So, after all years in designing (and consuming a lot) REST APIs I did a list of things I consider an ideal rest api design should contain.

Media types

Every Web API must support several…

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Datatypes in SQL Server 2008

ICT Academy

The list seems to grow with every new release of SQL Server.

bitInteger storing 1, 0, “True”, “False”, or NULL.
tibyint1 byte storing 0 to 255.
smallint2 bytes storing
int4 bytes storing
bigint8 bytes storing
decimalDefined with precision up to 38 digits using format decimal.17 bytes when used at maximum precision. Default precision is 18.
numericFunctionally equivalent to decimal.
smallmoney4-vytes scaled integer.
money8-byte scaled integer.
real4-byte floating point value.
floatDefined using format of float. 7 digits precision and 4 bytes size.
smalldatetime4 bytes storing date and time value from Jan 1, 1900 to June 6, 2079.
datetime8 bytes storing date and time value with accuracy to milliseconds.
datetime28 bytes (default) storing value with accuracy nanoseconds.
date3 bytes storing the date.
time5 bytes storing time of day with accuracy of 100 nanoseconds.

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SOA applications tech stack

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There are a lot of times when I am asked to complete a stack of technologies for building a Service Oriented Applications. And of course, like for everything, also for this topic there are a lot of answers (and opinions). Using this post I want to express my opinion based in my experience (through years in building medium-to-large applications for public and private sector), what are pieces to combine a SOA lego. So, here I am going to explain what are technologies that could be used to build a SOA application, of course Windows environment friendly. But, this post, is not attempting to give a complete tech stack for this type of apps.

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ICT Academy

Being part of the SQL Server community is a fantastic thing! Not only do you have the technical support of a global community, but you also have the strength the SQL Server community behind you offline as well! We know the power of the community – we’ve seen the #SQLFamily reach out to each other in the virtual world and beyond to lend a helping hand, on technical matters or not!

  • #SQL Family – You have family ties to one of the biggest families in the world, the SQL Server community!
  • #SQL Geek – You know you are, we know you are, so wear it with pride!
  • # SQL Server 2012 Fan – Enough said.
  • #Big Data Enthusiast – The bigger, the better! If you agree, you are a big data enthusiast!
  • #DBA Superhero

Download SQL Server Community Badges & link to the SQL Server community on Facebook or Twitter

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Dukagjin Maloku

Yesterday, my friend Betim Drenica (B | T) as Leader of the ALNUG (Albanian .Net Users Group) and I as leader of the ALSSUG (Albanian SQL Server Users Group) have organized second meeting of our UG in very lovely environment at Innovation Center of Kosovo, in Prishtina.


We had nice sessions about SQL Server window Functions, C# 5, Web Services yesterday & today and two light talks. Event went well and we had a great audience around 45 people. Also lot of the discussions and encouraging the audience to speak something from their experience in the next events.


Need to say “thank you” to our sponsors and supporters: ICK (Innovation Center of Kosovo), STIKK (Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology), and other sponsors that are available in our official website!

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Dukagjin Maloku


I’m so honored to be recognized as an MVP for SQL Server by Microsoft!
Thank you Microsoft and the SQL Server Community.

My journey was started more than 4/5 years ago and the first person that I have discussed lot and lot about my activities for my local community for the SQL Server was the Editor of the SQL Server Central – Steve Jones (Tweetiutiu) so, thank you Steve, encouraging me to start activities with my blog and other stuff that is related to the SQL Server!

Now, this award that really makes me happy and so honored to be part of the elite (MVP) technical people that I’m proud to be part of it, makes me to do more  for my local community and also for the SQL Family in global community!

Once again I would like to say Congratulations to the new MVPs and all renewed MVPs as…

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